Juicy lips! #latteboy917 (Taken with Instagram)

At work (Taken with Instagram)

Being derpy at school and work (Taken with Instagram at Paul Mitchell, Alhambra)

Omg $5 bucks a gallon that is scary!!! I’m around Beverly hills (Taken with Instagram)

My make up set up, did 3 people make up already it’s going to be a busy night! (Taken with Instagram at The Beverly Hilton)

Support and purchase a fabulous Paul Mitchell caper bag for yourself from me. Do your hair and body a favor! (Taken with Instagram)

My friend got this for me from Thailand so cool! (Taken with Instagram)

Lol best costume ever!!! Chi-chi-chia! (Taken with Instagram)

You are patience, kind, and always there. Thank you for being you. I miss you! (Taken with Instagram)

Love this hairstyle from Diesel! I want style it! (Taken with Instagram)

While other ppl stay up to watch tv I stay up watching YouTube videos of braiding and updos (Taken with Instagram)

Hello (Taken with Instagram at Paul Mitchell, Alhambra)

Once you black you can’t go back (Taken with Instagram)

geisha are so beautiful

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damn thats what I envision on my shoot!